Saturday, July 26, 2008

Personalizing Wrap Skirt

I have had several requests for a child-sized version of this skirt.  To be honest, I am not a seamstress, and really don't have a ton of experience sewing.  I don't have any little girls to sew for anymore, so I truly don't even know where to begin.  BUT, if you were wanting to create this skirt for a different size (like a child) this is probably the best way to do it....

This is how I enlarged my original instructions (that were published in Making It Home Magazine) a little to make a pattern for "fluffier" ladies.  I would imagine the same steps could be used for making a smaller version as well.

Here is the basic directions for adjusting the size of this pattern.

To determine the cutting radius of the waist (smaller arch) use the measurement of your waist, times about 1.5.  That gives enough wrap for overlap to make sure there is no exposure.  Then you do a little simple geometry to find the radius of a circle that will give you the circumference (for HALF of a circle.)  That is how you know how far to cut the waist from the center fold corner. 

Geometry:  Circumference = Pi (3.14) x Diameter

so 1/2 of the circumference (which is what you need) here is what you do:

First measure the waist of the person the skirt is for.  And substitute the "32" below with your number.

Example, let's say I am making a skirt for a 32 inch waist.  I am going to plug 32 into my equation:

32 x 1.5 = 48 inches Don't forget this step, or your skirt will not wrap!

-->  48 / 3.14 = 15.29 inches (round to the nearest inch.)

Giving you a cutting radius of 15 inches.

This gives you the radius of the circle (arch) to cut for the waist.  Take that number, and measure from the corner fold of the fabric and mark the arch.  This is the measurement you would use for this line/cut.

Now because this is a wrap skirt, and because you will measure yourself to determine where to put the button holes, this has A LOT OF WIGGLE ROOM.  This measurement will fit a range of sizes near and around a 32 inch waist.

Then for the bottom arch (hem/length of skirt) I simply measured from my waist to the point I wanted the skirt to go down to, and added an inch or so for the hem.  That told me how far from the inner arch to cut for the outer arch. 

OR add that number to the number you came up with for your waist-cut radius and measure from the same corner.  Either way you will come to the same location.

I hope this is of help.  Like I said at the beginning, I am NOT a seamstress, just a mom who took Home Ec in 7th grade, and knows a little geometry :-)