Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spur of the Moment Field Trip - Part 3 - the "petting zoo"

On the third floor of the museum, there is this cool little room. Granted, it is more for the younger crowd, but we enjoyed sitting through the demonstration as well.

Meet Sunny - she is holding a pretty white dove from Africa.

Isn't it pretty?

Sunny was so nice to hold the animals for me and let me snap pictures.

Check out this adorable little fellow.

How about this fat-tailed Gecko.

Okay.....now I am not even going to say anything about these.

Other than the fact that I did NOT pet them.

Now we couldn't pet these ones....and some of them we wouldn't want to.....but they were right outside the "Windows of the World" room.

Now this guy wasn't so bad. We used to see these all the time when we lived in the farmhouse. I know some people really don't like snakes, but this is one of the good guys. He will help keep the mice away.
See how nice he looks? He's practically smiling!

more to come...