Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh Where, Oh Where have My Little Boxes Gone...

...Oh Where, O Where Can They Be????

Well, remember these things?

These were all of my essentials. The extra linens, clothes, uniforms....and herbs & spices, my cookware, my cast iron dutch oven, all my utensils, all of my personal recipes, aprins, etc, etc.

The vital things that were to be waiting for us when we got here.

Well, I got a call today, and they are now contacting "Quality Control." They have no record anywhere of this shipment.

The army has no idea where it is.


I am hoping we get word VERY soon that it is located, and HERE!

Everything in the shipment could be replaced if it is utterly lost, with the exception of the recipes. And I REALLY don't want those to be missing. Especially the recipe for the Ice Cream Dessert that my grandmother wrote in her own hand before she died. How can you replace something like that.

So I'm being positive. It's not lost, it's just temporarily misplaced.