Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yes, I cut my hair.

Yes....I did. I was feeling a little....I don't know. I just needed a change.

So I decided to make a substantial donation to "Locks of Love." I do this every so many years. It was time.


I went in, and and sat in the chair....told the lady exactly what I wanted. Even spent two days looking for a clear picture to show her. She looked, she cut. And immediately I knew there was going to be a serious problem. And there was.

This is a picture of me in 2003, and is kind of what I was going for this time. But the photo wasn't good, so I found a better one online to show her.

Well...this is how I walked out. And you can't really tell, but it is ridiculously short in the back. "Stacked." NOT at all what it was supposed to be. And after about 3 days, I saw more and more problems with it.... not only was it not what I wanted, but it wasn't even a good cut. It wasn't even, it was just a mess.

So I made the big decision....and went in for something like this. Again, this is another old picture of me. This one from 1993. That little baby is almost 19 now!

And so...back to the salon. And this time to a different person.

And here I am.

And there you go!